Sentinel H2O water systems
are manufactured to the
highest standards in America
to make sure your family is
getting the best water possible.

Sentinel H2O water systems deliver the
highest quality water you can get without
the hassle or cost of bottled water.

Say hello to the 1-Hour Shower!

We’re not saying you’ll actually spend an hour in the shower, but once you experience
the luxury of showering in Sentinel H2O water you might be tempted to! If so, don’t
worry, your skin will love the hydrating holiday
and your hair will feel simply divine.

You’ll also need less soap and shampoo.
It’s pure pleasure and good clean fun every time you step into the tub.

See, Taste, and Feel the Sentinel H2O Effect Throughout Your Home!
From pure, clean water comes an abundance of benefits you’ll enjoy everywhere in
your home. Say goodbye to those unsightly spots on your glasses because Sentinel H2O

water systems remove harsh minerals and chemicals that cause them.

Coffee & tea will take on deeper and more faithful flavors when made with Sentinel H2O
water systems! Even your house plants will applaud when they get water the way nature
intended it to be — pure and clean.

“What About Bottled Water? Isn’t That Pure?”
Studies show that bottled water isn’t any purer than tap water, it simply costs more.
The Sentinel H2O water systems can 
provide water far superior to bottled water
throughout your entire home at a fraction of the cost and without the inconvenience
of bottled water.

Now there’s a better way to filter the water
you and your family drink besides using your body.

Think of the Sentinel H2O water systems as mother nature’s helper. Now you
can begin to clense and replenish your body with the help of a Sentinel H2O
water systems. It’s as easy as taking a drink of clean and refreshing
Sentinel H2O whenever you are thirsty.