About Sentinel

Sentinel Hydrosolutions , LLC will develop and deliver innovative products and services
designed to detect water leaks, to protect personal property, and to conserve natural
resources in markets where there is a need and a commercial opportunity.


Sentinel Hydrosolutions is a limited liability company incorporated in California with its
headquarters in San Marcos, California.

Sentinel was created to develop, test, refine, and market the company’s first product—
a proprietary leak detection technology. (www.leakdefensesystem.com)

The company is committed to using cutting-edge technology to develop and market
products to facilitate water management and purification. We are also committed to
developing products and services that help conserve water while helping property
owners and insurance companies minimize damages resulting from water leaks.

Sentinel developed its initial product, the Leak Defense System, in 2006 and
added the Sentinel H2O Water Systems line in 2009. We will continue to add additional
products and services as awareness of our cost-effective and unique water technology
products increases.