Sentinel Commercial Units
SENTINEL H2O Water Systems are produced in three sizes to fit the demands of any
commercial or business application. Each is designed to last 8 - 10 years depending
on the amount of water used. The size of each SENTINEL H2O Water System is
determined by the size of the water line entering the structure and by the size of the tank.
A SENTINEL H2O Water System representative will be glad to provide additional
assistance by learning more about your company’s water usage and any current water
problems you are having. Just ask. Here's a brief description to give you a general idea
of the size unit you might need for your particular application.


Small Business
The smallest SENTINEL H2O Water System size is the 1” unit and it is designed for
applications with a low demand such as a small office with no more than 25 employees.

Medium Size Business
Next size up is the 1.25”, which is designed for commercial locations with
25 -75 employees or a business that has a higher than normal demand daily
for pure water such as a dentist office or similar application.
Larger Businesses (including restaurants)
Our largest size is the 2” and it is designed for commercial applications with high average
daily demand for conditioned water such as a restaurant or similar application.