Water Conditioning
Commercial Magnetic Water Conditioners control lime-scale deposits and corrosion
in hot and cold plumbing systems. This includes water lines, water heaters, ice-makers,
humidifiers and other products. By magnetically suspending the minerals in water for
up to 36 hours, lime-scale and corrosion build-up are controlled.








These units are non-polluting and because no chemicals or additives are used the taste
and quality of the water is not affected. Water that is safe prior to being conditioned is
equally safe following treatment. Potable water subjected to this process has received
 approval from the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials to:
 • Reduce Lime-Scale
 • Protect Building Equipment
 • Protect Plumbing
 • Improve Washing & Rinsing of Laundry & Dishware

Many commercial applications use scale reducing modules to help keep appliances free
of lime scale that can build up over time and either destroy or impede the effectiveness
of certain appliances. The Sentinel H2O Scale Down unit is the answer.

This flyer shows a cutaway of the scale down unit and how it works.
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