Water Softening and Reverse Osmosis Systems
There’s a Sentinel H2O Water System just right for you.

Reverse Osmosis is a process where water is forced through a semipermeable membrane,
leaving certain unwanted substances behind. Therefore, an RO unit can procure clear,
fresh-tasting drinking water.

The process uses no chemicals or electricity. It’s the most effective technology known for
the improvement of drinking water. The Sentinel H2O Soft and ION use either a salt based
system or permanent magnet module to create a chemical change in the water and produce
results you can feel. Regardless of your goals, there’s a Sentinel H2O system perfect for you.

Sentinel H20 Ion
Whole House, Chemical-Free, Water Softening System
Sentinel ION – Utilizing the superior magnetic module technology, this system provides
conditioning only without filtration. This system is also an eco-friendly option and requires
no weekly back flush. The ION’s Permanent Magnetic Module reduces carbonate salts,
calcium ions, and magnesium ions to soften water.

Sentinel Soft H20
Whole House, Salt-Based, Water Softening System
This is a traditional ion exchange double tank brine softening system.  As is the case with
any brand of traditional softening system, it conditions the water by passing it through a salt
or potassium filled brine tank creating “soft” but unhealthy water. Most homes which opt for
a traditional softening system will also add a RO (Reverse Osmosis) system installed on
one or more taps in the home. The RO system removes the potassium from the water at that
single faucet providing a source of drinkable water in the home. RO systems also require
monthly maintenance in addition to periodic filter changes.

Traditional softeners require periodic addition of salt or potassium to the brine tank and are
programmed to back flush weekly.  Due to the high potassium present in the back flush water,
this water must be plumbed to a drain and cannot be used for irrigation purposes.

Ultimate H20
This is an eco-friendly, maintenance free option which conditions the water via the superior
magnetic module and also utilizes four phases of filtration which provide clean drinkable
water from ever tap in the home. This system automatically back flushes once a week. 
The back flush water is completely safe and can be plumbed to discharge into a planter,
lawn area or flowerbed.