Taste & Odor
You wouldn’t eat a rotten egg... but sometimes you might feel like you are because of
bad smelling or bad tasting water!  

Although rarely a health hazzard, there is something very un-appealing about drinking
water that has an offensive odor or taste.  

Now there’s a solution.
Your Sentinel H2O water systems specialist can recommend the perfect Sentinel H2O
water system for your home. Then you and your family can enjoy water the way it
was meant to be — refreshing and healthy!

Hard Water / Lime Scale
You’ve probably seen pictures like the one here showing the damaging effects of lime and scale build up on pipes or water heating elements.

Your Sentinel Ultimate H2O and Sentinel ION will help reverse
this buildup and prevent future accumulation through a natural
process known as ION exchange. Here’s a brief description
of the process.

When water temperature changes, minerals form a hard, brittle scale that collects in
piping and on heat transfer surfaces like water heater elements. This insulating scale
reduces efficiency of equipment, increases fuel requirements, and increases
maintenance time and costs.

When water passes through the Sentinel Ultimate H2O and Sentinel ION’s alternating
magnetic fields, it allows the minerals to form in a suspended state; therefore eliminating
the formation of
hard, brittle scale. Maintaining scale-free surfaces assures optimum
utilization of your appliances from your water heater to your shower heads.

Sentinel Ultimate H2O and ION treated water controls the formation of scale and corrosion
deposits without the use of hazardous and costly chemicals. And because no chemicals
are used, discharged water is pollution-free and is not harmful to the environment.

Doesn’t your family deserve a Sentinel H2O?  
Contact your Sentinel H2O retailer today and enjoy water that is simply divine throughout
your whole house!

Suspended Solids
Suspended solids are small particles which remain in
suspension in water. The number of suspended solids
is an important indicator of water quality.

Suspended solids are important because pollutants and
pathogens are carried on the surface of these particles.
Believe it or not, the smaller the particle size, the greater
                                                   the pollutant load that is likely to be carried.


Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of water caused by
individual particles (suspended solids) that are generally
invisible to the naked eye. Measurement of turbidity is a key
test of water quality. The higher the turbidity, the greater
likelihood of bacteria and other contaminants being in the water.