Say Hello to the
1 Hour Shower!

We’re not saying you’ll actually spend an hour in the shower, but once you experience the luxury of showering in Ultimate H2O water, you might be tempted to!

Your skin will be softer and your hair will feel simply divine.

Whether for cooking, drinking, laundry, bathing, watering flowers or the vegetable garden — water from the Sentinel H2O Five-stage Water System will positively affect your health and your pocket book.

benefits-coffeeSentinel H2O Water System Makes Everything Taste Better!

Your tea, coffee and everything else you make with water will now have a fresher, cleaner taste. Ice from your ice maker will be clear and great tasting. (You’ll wish you’d installed the Sentinel H2O years ago.)

No more buying bottled water. When it comes to a tall, cool glass of pure, clean, great tasting water, it will now flow from every faucet in your home (or office).


The main sources of water pollution are:

  • Discharge of untreated raw sewage from households and factories
  • Chemicals dumped from factories
  • Agricultural run-offs that make their way into our rivers, streams and ground water sources
  • Urbanization
  • The rising use of synthetic substances
  • Oil spills
  • Acid rain caused by the burning of fossil fuels
  • Human littering in rivers, oceans, lakes and other bodies of water

So What are You Putting into Your Body?

The Sentinel H20 features our five unique stages of filtering that starts with the large particles and filters right down to the smallest. The result is great-tasting, healthy water piped for every family member.

benefits-dishwasherWhat’s Good for Man is Also Good For Machine

Even though your dishwasher, washing machine and other water using appliances aren’t human, they still may benefit from the clean water from your Sentinel H20.

By filtering out undesirable elements before they reach your appliances, you might see a reduction in service calls and an increase in efficiency.

Two Common Problems Resulting from Poor Water Quality are Excessive Corrosion and Limescale Accumulation

Maybe you’ve seen photos of plumbing that resembles someone with a blocked artery. Well, when you install the Sentinel H20 in your home, that’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about.

Your Sentinel H20 will catch those problems and eliminate them before they have time to clog your plumbing, potentially saving you some big repair bills down the road.

benefits-laundryA Little Dab’ll Do Ya

You may need less soap and shampoo to do the same job.

That’s because the water in your shower, sink, dishwasher, washing machine and sink will have the harsh minerals and chemicals removed. Now your soaps and detergents will have to work less to give you the same cleaning power. Experiment with it once you’ve begun enjoying clean water throughout your home, and see if you can tell the difference.

That should put a few more pennies in your pocket too.

benefits-water-plantsEven Your Plants Will Love Sentinel H2O Water

Think your plants and pets can’t tell the difference between “city water” and pure, clean water they’ll be getting from your new Sentinel H2O?

Phases 1 and 5 of our filtration process are the ones your plants will truly love. Phase 1 removes harmful chemicals and Phase 5 reduces carbonate salts. Typical tap water contains large amounts of salt and bicarbonates that will cause a layer of salt and calcium carbonate to form on the soil (or roots) which will eventually begin to repel water.

With Sentinel H2O you will truly hydrate your plants with healthy water.